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Serenity House Hospice provides many wonderful programs and supports for those experiencing grief and bereavement.

During the summer of 2011 they extended their services to include a week long day camp for kids and families experiencing grief. The focus of this camp was to support kids through group activities (like games, arts and crafts etc.) to explore grief in a healthy supported environment, discuss death and dying, and create new friendships.

Read about one family’s experience here.

My Journey

My husband, my best friend, and the best dad in the world died the last day of September 2010 surrounded by loving family and friends. In the spring of 2011 I made my way to Serenity House and met Cindy. I told her my story and completed the paperwork to become a volunteer.

Since that day I have attended a bereavement group for 8 weeks with others who are grieving the loss of a loved one. I found myself crying for someone else’s pain and loss. For so many months I had cried for only my own. The people I have met during this chapter of my journey are very special and I hope to continue meeting with them.

I also met Wendy and Caroline, the leaders of the group.

This was a very big step for a teenage boy to discuss his feelings about losing your dad. After the week of camp both my kids graduated with the other children and let letters go by balloon to the clouds. I was very proud of both of them for helping others who just like them have lost a parent.

How life just happens is still a mystery to me but my daughter feels that her path is to help children with grief and plans on looking into this when she graduates this year. As for me I have signed up and will be starting the fundamentals of hospice/palliative care. My future as I knew it is no longer but with the help of many along the way things seem to be falling into place. People say it will get better……it doesn’t, it just is different.


Serenity House Hospice also has a new handbook of resources titled “Understanding your Child’s Grief Journey: A handbook of resources to helpĀ guide the understanding of why children react the way they do when faced with death and grieving.”.

You can reach Cindy and the wonderful folks at Serenity House, learn more about their programs, and request a copy of this new handbook at: www.serenityhousehospice.ca